Sunday April 18, 2021

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Sessay receive their trophy at LordsSessay Cricket Club is a thriving and successful centre of excellence.  One of only two 'elite' status clubs in North Yorkshire, we won the National Village Cricket Competition in 2010 at Lords cricket ground (home of the MCC) in London.   And we currently boast two England youth internationals - one boy and one girl.  There are 3 men's teams, 6 junior teams and a Girls' team. We place great emphasis on youth team development, and on opportunities for female players. 


The cricket field is in the heart of Sessay, and.the location means players and spectators can enjoy the facilities of the Village Hall and bar -  we are famous through the various leagues for the superb refreshments served in the tea interval !  Our changing facilties have just been completely revamped and are now spacious and state-of-the-art. 

During the summer months all teams gather for practice on Friday evenings and the whole field is a whirlwind of activity.  Each December we hold a club dinner to celebrate the achievements of the season and this is always very well attended.

If you would like to join the club as a player or offer support of any kind, you would be made very welcome and you can get further information at our website :