Monday May 17, 2021

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Schedule of Meetings

Schedule of Meetings for 2020 (PDF)

Schedule of Meetings 2018-19 (PDF)

Schedule of Meetings 2017-18 (PDF)

Archives of historical meetings can be found here



Agenda for 24th March 2021 (PDF)

Agenda for 17th February 2021 (PDF)

Agenda for 20th January 2021 (PDF)  Planning Appendix (PDF)

Agenda for 16th December 2020 (PDF)

Agenda for 25th November 2020 (PDF)

Agenda for 26th Aug 2020 (PDF)   Planning List 1 (PDF)   Planning List 2 (PDF)

Agenda for 18th March 2020 (PDF)

Agenda for 15th January 2020 (PDF)

Agenda for 20th November 2019 (PDF)

Agenda for 25th September 2019 (PDF)

Agenda for 17th July 2019 (PDF)

Agenda for Extra Ordinary Meeting 18th June 2019 (PDF)

Agenda for 12th June 2019 (PDF)

Agenda for 15th May 2019 (PDF)

Agenda for 15th March 2019 (PDF)

Agenda for 10th January 2019 (PDF)

Archives of historical agendas can be found here



Minutes for 26-08-2020 (PDF)

Minutes for 15-01-2020 (PDF)

Minutes for 20-11-2019 (PDF)

Minutes for 25-09-2019 (PDF)

Minutes for 17-07-2019 (PDF)

Minutes of Extra Ordinary Meeting 18-06-19 (PDF)

Minutes for 12-06-2019 (PDF)

Minutes for Annual Meeting 15-05-2019 (PDF)

Minutes for 20-03-2019 (PDF)

Minutes for 16-01-2019 (PDF)

Minutes for 21-11-18 (PDF)

Minutes for 03-10-18 (PDF)

Minutes for 18-07-18 (PDF)  

Archives of historical minutes can be found here



Role of the Parish Council/Councillors (PDF)

Press Releases

Press Release - Freedom of the Parish (PDF)


Contact Details (PDF)