Saturday February 27, 2021

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The competition to design our new Community Hall and Sports Pavilion is in its final stages. Residents of Sessay and Hutton Sessay, children at Sessay CE Primary School and current users of the Village Hall and Cricket Club, are being asked to vote on their preferred option.

After a year's break Sessay Panto rides again, this year in a new version of Cinderella. The Panto has always been a village institution and the drama group is thrilled the Panto is back.

John MacPherson joined the Walk on Wednesday 24th September led by Chris and Rose Bax of 'Taste the Wild', and learned some tricks of the trade on food foraging and enjoying Nature.

Four designs have been shortlisted in an international competition to create a new £1.5m community hub for Sessay and Hutton Sessay. And over Christmas, people living in and around the villages will be able to vote on which of them they like best – and want to see transform their community.  Those votes will be used as one of the factors in the final choice.

An international competition to design a new 'hub' for Sessay has been launched.  There was a press release from RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) to accompany the launch and this has been featured in numerous publications.