The Village Hall has long been the focal point of the life of our community.  It has been the meeting place for numerous clubs and societies, a thriving sporting venue, host to plays and pantos galore, and the setting for countless events and galas.

But let's be frank - it's looking a little tired, and so are many of the volunteers and organisers who have filled it with laughter and activity. A new structure is now in place, there is money in the kitty, but what we sorely need is new blood to bring enthusiasm and fresh ideas. If you value the welcoming, supportive environment of the village, please think what you could do to maintain and improve the village facilities and open up new activities.  The Annual General Meeting - the first under the new structure - takes place on Monday 12th February, 19.30 at the Village Hall.  Formal election of new trustees will take place then.  Please come along or get in touch with Guy Musgrave or John MacPherson (details on flyer below).