In September 2014 following a public consultation, Sessay and Hutton Sessay Parish Council published a Community Plan. One of the Action Plan tasks being to “Review the case for Conservation Area status to protect the history, character and natural appearance of Sessay”. Hambleton District Council and Sessay Parish Council are now consulting on a proposed Conservation Area for Sessay.

 Residents and businesses in Sessay are invited to comment on the conservation area boundary from the 28th April to the 2nd June 2017, this period aligns with Hambletons final consultation on their call for future development sites as part of their next Local Plan. 

  • You are invited to a public meeting at 7pmon the 23rd May at Sessay Village Hall to find out more and to ask questions.
  • Parish Councillors will be available at the Village Hall to discuss the proposal with residents between 1 and 3 pmon the 28th May.
  • The public consultation closes on the 2ndJune.
  • Answers to questionnaires will then be considered and the draft Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan amended with a view to adopting it formally as part of Hambleton’s Local Plan.
  • Hambleton District Council are likely to meet on the 5thSeptember to decide whether to designate a Conservation Area in Sessay (coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the very first Conservation Area in England, designated in September 1967). 

Please do complete the questionnaire, it will enable us to understand your views on a Conservation Area, where its boundary should be drawn, what needs to be done to improve the appearance and character of Sessay and to identify key heritage features and buildings that you value.

In 2011 a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) ‘Your Heritage’ project was established in Sessay, the project completed in 2016 and has involved the production, amongst other things, of a 70 panel village history exhibition, a booklet and a comprehensive set of essays on the villages’ history, archaeology and architecture called ‘Essays from Sessay’ (180 pages),edited by Janet Ratcliffe. Our communities extensive research has therefore provided the evidence to inform and produce the draft Conservation Area Appraisal making this very much a community led initiative.

You can find out more about why Sessay is considered significant and worth conserving by reading the following documents.

More about Conservation Areas in Hambleton can be found here:

More on Conservation Areas nationally can be found at Historic England’s web site: