You will already be only too aware that Thursday 7th May is the date of the General Election.  But it is also the date for selecting your local parish council - and your opportunity to particpate.




The Parish Council elections begin on 20 March with the publication of the Notice of Election.

The nomination period for councillors runs from Monday 23 March to 4pm on Thursday 9 April.   

Nomination papers can be obtained from the Parish Clerk, Julia Oyston (01845 501098 ) but they cannot be returned to Hambleton District Council until after 23 March.

Elections will take place on Thursday 7 May.


The current Council will stand down on 11 May and all Councillors will retire.

The new Council will begin on 12 May and an Annual Meeting will be held before 25 May - proposal is Wednesday  20th.  The first item of business will be the appointment of a chairman.

So if you care about the future of your community and would like to stand as a councillor you can obtain further details from Julia.