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Sunday March 07, 2021

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A select judging panel including designer and architect Wayne Hemingway MBE assembled in Sessay on 8th January to select the winning design for the new Village Hub from the four finalists.  The winner will be announced by RIBA next week.

All four designs were brilliant concepts and picking a winner proved very difficult. Below are some photos from what proved a very interesting and exciting day.


The Judging Panel (with Wayne Hemingway MBE on the right)


Judgement 1

A presentation by one of the teams underway.

Judgement 2

Judgement 4

The four teams of finalists and the judges were treated to traditional Sessay hospitality....

Judgement 5

...a big thank you to Judith, Ann, Janet and Sue for being such fabulous hostesses - and to Ann Wady, Iris Wilkinson, Sue Hillmer and Wattie for their delicious contributions. 


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