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Sunday March 07, 2021

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Despite uncertain weather - including a hailstorm just prior to the start - the Sessay Sports Relief run was a great success, and £400 was raised for charity.  Around 100 runners (plus half a dozen dogs !) took part, with a roughly equal split between the three distances (6 miles, 3 miles and 1 mile).  


The youngest finisher was four years old, and the oldest (Brian Flintoff) 86.  Ollie Dale even completed the course on a unicycle !  Well done to all who took part, and to Chris Till and everyone else involved in organising the event.
Sports Relief 1

Competitors shelter from the hail before the start of the run.

Sports Relief 2

The (serious) runners set off for the 6 mile (really 6.6) event.

Sports Relief 3

The 3 milers on their way.

Sports Relief 4

The 'dog' team bringing up the rear !

Sports Relief 5

Dog team pauses to pose !  Proper runners pass by on their second lap - see following pictures.....

Sports Relief 6

Sports Relief 7

Sports Relief 8

Sports Relief 9

Sports Relief 10

Sports Relief 11

Sports Relief 12

Sports Relief 13

Sports Relief 14

The weather for the actual run was fine - as you can see.  Some runners were obviously worried
about the effects of heat exhaustion - or has intensive training for the cricket season already started ?

Sports Relief 15


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