Village Plan Questionnaires have been distributed to every household in the Parish. This is your opportunity to help us design the way our community will develop over the next 5 - 10 years; so please try to make sure that you complete the form and either have it available for collection on or around Sunday 16th March, or fill it in electronically on-line. Thank you for your help !


The form comprises 37 questions on key issues such as Housing, Transport, Sport and Leisure, and has been pulled together for us by Hambleton District Council - a big thank you to Frances Bainbridge for all her hard work. The questionnaire can be filled out online, and if you complete it this way it is very helpful in speeding up the whole process ! But if you prefer pen and paper that is still very welcome and the forms will be collected from you on or around 16 th March. To go forward for the funding to actually make things happen we need as high a return rate as possible, as this is a key factor taken into account by funding bodies such as the Lottery Fund. If we can say that a very high percentage of the parish responded and supported specific developments, then we have a much better chance of obtaining the money ! So please don't miss out on this chance to have your say. We look forward to finding out what the Parish needs, and will present the findings at a Public Meeting in the Village Hall on 1st April.