Thanks to Janet Ratcliffe's awareness raising and everyone's reponse with information on phone problems, the Parish Council had a very interesting meeting with John Moore CEO of NYnet last week. He had listened and taken our concerns seriously. A full review of landline connections in Sessay will be undertaken in the next few months by BT and the various options for upgrading both our phone and broadband will then be discussed. We believe that leaving things as they are has now been accepted as not an option.

nynet logoNYnet is the organisation entrusted with bringing Superfast Broadband (defined as 25 Mbps download speed) to North Yorkshire.  Funded roughly equally by the UK and EU, Stage 1 aims to cover 90% of the county by the end of 2014. The contractor actually doing the work is BT, and they are making excellent progress; with 378 cabinets out of 670 already completed. The main technology used is FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), which means optical fibre is installed from exchanges to local phone cabinets, but the signal travels to your house via the existing copper cabling. FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) is too expensive in rural areas. We have an exchange at Hutton Sessay and a cabinet at Little Hutton. The range of an upgraded cabinet is 1.2 km - which will leave 10% of North Yorkshire (50,000 properties) on a theoretical 2Mbps. This gap would need to be plugged by more fibre installations, or wireless / satellite. There is a new technology called FTTN (Fibre to the Node) which involves installing boxes on telegraph poles.
For more background you can visit the NYNET site :
Whatever route is decided upon, sorting the existing landline issues is vital as those copper wires will always be  the weak link in the chain. Our case is now on someone's desk at BT and it is important to keep the pressure on and information flowing. 
If you have any disconnection with either your telephone or broadband connection will you please let Julia Oyston, the Parish Clerk know, so the information can be passed on and a record kept of what is actually happening. Julia has already logged the problems at the north end of the village and is on the case.
John Moore has kindly agreed to facilitate a meeting with BT in around 2 months time to review the findings from their landline (Voice) review and discuss the way forward for Superfast Broadband. We will keep you informed....
There will be no Superfast Sessay this year, but we aim to get there in 2015 !

In the meantime you might be interested in the free business training that is available as part of the Superfast North Yorkshire programme.  This will get you up to speed on how to use soclal networking and online commerce to publicise and grow your business - and it's FREE !
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