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Monday May 17, 2021

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The Community First Responder (CFR) scheme is a partnership between Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) and local groups of volunteers living within the community.

Sessay First Responders were formed in March 2010 and now consist of 11 volunteers who live in the villages of Sessay, Hutton Sessay and Pilmoor. As authorised and trained volunteers we work as part of a dedicated team aiming to reduce the number of pre-hospital deaths in Yorkshire. In many medical emergencies the first few minutes are critical and if effective treatment can be provided within that time,lives can be saved and disability reduced.

What are CFR's and what do we do ?

  • We are volunteer members of the local community who may be called out by the YAS in response to a 999 call if the medical circumstances are suitable and we are likely to arrive before the ambulance service.
  • We provide immediate care to patients until the arrival of an ambulance, and are trained in Basic Life Support and defibrillation for cases of cardiac arrest or stroke. We can also administer oxygen to patients suffering from conditions such as asthma, diabetic collapse, anaphylaxis and seizures.
  • We are NOT sent to trauma incidents where bleeding/broken bones are involved, to road traffic accidents or situations not considered safe.
  • Our aim is NOT to replace the ambulance service but to apply life-saving techniques where appropriate to maximise a patient's survival chances. We also offer comfort and reassurance until the ambulance arrives.
  • It is YAS who decide whether to to ask an on-call First Responder to attend an emergency. The call to us does not come from any other source.
  • We understand there can often be delays in an ambulance reaching rural areas and we help out in any way we can.

How are we trained?

  • We undergo an initial 17 hours of intensive training and attend regular YAS training sessions backed up by annual assessment.
  • Our knowledge and skills are continually assessed to ensure we remain active as Reponders.
  • We also have on our team a qualified CFR trainer to deliver additional training as and when required.

How to use the Live Saving Defibrillator

Click here to watch how to use the Life Saving Defibrillator.

More Information

For more information on Community First Responders in North Yorkshire, follow the link to the YAS website :

New recruits are always needed. If you are interested in learning more about Sessay First Responders or becoming a volunteer, contact Stephen Smith on 07855 056413 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.