Friday April 27, 2018

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Sessay W.I. was formed in 1924, 10 years after the creation of the National Woman's Institute.  The first 'Proper Meeting' was held in the school on 6th January 1925 with a demonstration of Cake Icing.  By the end of the first year there were 41 members on the books and £13.4s.3d in the bank.  Ninety years later we are still here - just ! Our membership is now 14 - but our bank balance is still healthy.

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Although we are small in number we very much enjoy turning up each month to hear talks on a varied range of subjects.  Particularly memorable was a recent talk on the History of Biscuits. The speaker brought with her a supply of freshly-made Hardtack Biscuits, made to an authentic Civil War era recipe - they are said to last for 50 years !  We have tried our hand at Dowsing, which was fascinating - even the most sceptical found that the rods responded for us - eventually. We have been complimented several times on our unaccompanied singing of 'Jerusalem,' and friendship and fun are key to everything we do.

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Nationally the WI is thriving, with well over 200,000 members in 6,600 institutes.  Many of these are composed of younger women and run on a much more informal basis.  Visit www.theWI.org.uk 
We hope that Sessay WI can also grow and thrive 
into the future; perhaps a new, younger team will emerge and develop the group in ways more suited to our modern lifestyles.  Our meetings take place on the first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm in the Village Hall Tearoom. 


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